Venezuelans develop a free application that offers ...

Venezuelans develop a free application that offers …

March 5, 2014

Medical-infoA group of Venezuelans from Puerto Ordaz, Bol√≠var state, jointly developed with a specialist team in Panama, an application (app) for smartphones that offers the country’s first digital medical directory.

Medical-Info is the name of the application that is available to be downloaded totally free on smart mobile devices with Android and Blackberry operating systems, as well as tablets.

Users will navigate through a menu of: pharmacies, clinics, laboratories and doctors, with a drop-down menu in which they can choose city, name and surname. This information is also available on the website:

Alfredo Decan, representative of the brand, stressed that the application already has more than a thousand downloads and hundreds of specialists from various areas already offer their services and contact information. Currently, it has had sustained growth in the south of the country, with the projection of soon reaching Caracas and the center of the country.

“It is a resource that improves the quality of life of Venezuelans, since it is available 24 hours a day and with just one click the patient can access the most complete and updated national list of doctors, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies,” he stressed. .

Decan added that Info-medica reaches the Venezuelan market taking advantage of the widespread use of smartphones in the country. “We detected an opportunity knowing that there are around 5 million Blackberry users and a growing number of Android phone users, we also want to satisfy the need of doctors, clinics and health centers who are interested in offering their services through our platform ‚ÄĚ.

‚ÄúWe are committed to the growth that the digital business area has shown in the country, that is why we decided to undertake and invest in this practical application. He indicated that they are currently experiencing great growth ‚ÄĚ, he highlighted.

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