Venezuelan universities change quality by quantity ...

Venezuelan universities change quality by quantity …

June 24, 2014

The Venezuelan university follows not very well in the ranking of the best institutions of higher study in Latin America. Only two of the country are among the top 50 in the region, while LUZ is in a distant 147 place, according to the ranking of the specialized consultancy Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) published recently.

QS, specialized in international education, is considered one of the pioneers in the classification of universities, according to the newspaper El País.

According to the rector of the University Cecilio Acosta (Unica), Ángel Lombardi, in general, “the problem of the Venezuelan university is that in the last 50 years quantity has been privileged over quality.” In fact, in closed systems, such as the Chinese, the Cuban or the former Soviet Union, the system of admission to higher education is highly demanding. On the other hand, we have practiced a perverse academic populism that apparently creates opportunities, but in the end creates a professional with low qualifications and condemned to underemployment or unemployment, ”Lombardi explained.

Seven are the indicators that the consulting firm values ​​to elaborate its ranking that, from 2011 to 2013, dominated the University of Sao Paulo: Academic reputation 30%, perception of employees (20%), number of full-time professors in relation to with the number of students (10%), the citation of articles (10%), the number of investigations per professor (10%), the proportion of academics with a doctorate (10%) and the impact on the web (10%) .

via Venezuelan University: quantity for quality.

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