Venezuelan scientific publications run out of ...

Venezuelan scientific publications run out of …

October 28, 2014

The printing of indexed scientific publications in Venezuela is increasingly difficult due to the high cost of inks, special papers and lack of spare parts for printers, in addition to the constant devaluation of the bolivar and exchange control.

An editorial (September 29) in the Venezuelan journal Investigation Clinic, published by the University of Zulia (LUZ), warned about this situation, which has been going on for approximately 18 months.

Elena Ryder, researcher and lead editor of that publication, tells SciDev.Net that “the allocation of dollars for the importation of inks and acid-free paper that is needed for this type of publication is not a priority of the government.”

“Our only option is to undertake digital reservoirs. The quality of our electronic platforms is also quite deplorable “

via Venezuela: scientific publications run out of resources – SciDev.Net Latin America and the Caribbean.

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