Venezuelan satellite Miranda is the eye in the sky of ...

Venezuelan satellite Miranda is the eye in the sky of …

October 2, 2014

The images captured by the Miranda satellite have been fundamental for the planning and construction of the new urban development of the Great Housing Mission Venezuela. Since its launch into orbit two years ago, it has captured more than 170 thousand images that allow the country to have an accurate and up-to-date map base. These images make it possible to locate and characterize land for the construction of the Great Mission houses, which has already built 625,000 houses throughout the country.

This Sunday, September 28, they fulfilled two years after the launch of this satellite launched from China in 2012.

The satellite, which revolves around the Earth, at an altitude of 639.5 kilometers, monitors strategic areas in security and defense; mining and oil; nutrition and health.

Capture the photographs with four high-tech telescopic cameras that provide the country with images that previously had to be paid to national and international private companies.

The launching of the Miranda satellite has also served as support for the cadastral development, location of agricultural lands, development of irrigation systems, environmental management, health aspects in the monitoring of epidemiological vectors and geological information. press of the Ministry of University Education, Science and Technology.

Also, it allows to facilitate with graphics the work of urban development of the cities, the distribution of services, determine risk areas and be able to see the progress of the works of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission.

It also allows monitoring in real time the situation of vulnerability in any area of ​​the country, providing greater efficiency and speed in the attention to communities, fulfilling every day more, with better goals in immediate response.

Venezuelan experts

The Miranda Satellite is managed by Venezuelan personnel from the control base of the Satellite Control Ground Station at the Manuel Ríos Aerospace Base, located in Guárico state and at the facilities of the Terrestrial Applications System, at the Francisco de Miranda Air Base, in La Carlota, Caracas.

By July 2013, 54 Venezuelans from different areas carried out academic activities in Beijing, at the Shenzhou Institute of the Chinese Academy of Space Technology (Acast), according to the ministry’s note.

During this training, they studied satellite technology, processes for the design, construction of satellites and the operation of small satellites.

In the country, personnel are constantly trained in remote sensing and image processing workshops to interpret the digital shots produced by the Miranda Satellite.

In the first year of operation, the satellite captured 14 thousand images, of which 5,000 were useful for the work of the Ministries of the Interior, Justice and Peace; Agriculture and Lands; and Ecosocialism, among other institutions. 24 images were also delivered to various community councils and other organized communities in the country.

The Satellite is moving at a speed of 28 thousand km / h around the Earth. It has made about 10,200 orbits of the planet, passing more than 2,200 times through Venezuela. Its payload is made up of high-resolution cameras as well as wide-scan cameras.


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