Venezuelan parliamentarians assess quality of service ...

Venezuelan parliamentarians assess quality of service …

May 27, 2014

VTELCAAmong the issues that the Permanent Commission for Administration and Services of the National Assembly (AN) is working on are the quality of the cell phone service and the prices of air tickets.

According to an interview with the Correo del Orinoco, the deputy to the AN, Claudio Farías, also president of said parliamentary commission, since in the two points a significant number of complaints have been received with emphasis on the interruption of the service, such as the minutes that they are not consumed by the user in the specified time.

Regarding this last section, the deputy exemplified: “I contract a plan of 1000 minutes and at the end of the month I consumed 800, who keeps the 200 minutes? Those minutes are not returnable, we argue that this has to change ”.

These are two points that have been discussed both with the telephone companies and with the National Telecommunications Commission of Venezuela (Conatel), which would play an important role in updating technology and expanding the radio spectrum.

via Parliamentarians evaluate quality of cell phone service and airfare prices.

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