Venezuelan film director receives Oscar for achievements ...

Venezuelan film director receives Oscar for achievements …

January 17, 2014

Haik gazarianSince 1989, Haik Gazarian has been linked to the Flying-Cam team as Operations Manager. After directing “Venezzia”, he took up the development of Flying-Cam 3.0 and currently works in the Operations Management of several film projects around the world.

The Flying-Cam filming system specializes in aerial shots with Drones and has been used in many Hollywood feature films in the last 25 years, this technique can be seen in films such as “Harry Poter”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “Mission Impossible “,” The Da Vinci Code “,” Hangover “, among others.

Flying-CamIn Venezuela Flying-Cam made its debut in 1993 during the live broadcast of the “Meridiano de Oro” awards at the Poliedro de Caracas, the opening shot of the event was made, a sequence shot from outside the Poliedro to the stage in inside the dome.

via Venezuelan Haik Gazarian will receive an Oscar for “Scientific and Engineering Achievements.”

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