Venezuela without Limits celebrates 15 years strengthening ...

Venezuela without Limits celebrates 15 years strengthening …

April 8, 2014

Venezuela without limits social investmentVenezuela sin Límites (VSL) celebrates 3 decades, contributing to the technical and economic strengthening of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) through actions characterized by commitment to social action, responsibility in attracting and using resources and honesty in the accountability as a result of social investment.

VSL is made up of a work team that promotes the effective channeling of resources throughout the national territory, through strategic alliances with different sectors of society.

VSL’s allies are NGOs, companies, aid workers, volunteers, social entrepreneurs and agents of change committed to the country.

This avant-garde organization integrates and promotes social transformation in Venezuela, especially in matters related to education, health, environment and technology. The objective is to transform and impact a greater number of people, with the use of information and communication technology.

It has a Social Investment Fund, which has been carried out in ten consecutive editions with more than 200 projects financed to date. VSL also supports the country’s social entrepreneurship leaders through its Social Entrepreneur of the Year contest, which rewards the strength and commitment of entrepreneurs for generating a permanent transformation. The Social Entrepreneur 2013 was José Vicente Aguerrevere with his project “Day by Day Practimercados”, who was also selected by the Schwab Foundation as Social Entrepreneur 2014 along with 250 other entrepreneurs from around 60 countries, who recently participated in the Economic Forum Regional held in Panama.

Venezuela sin Límites also guides and offers the NGOs in its network, various programs and services such as: the Volunteer Module, Social Maps, NGO Directory, DAR text messaging platform and the Virtual Learning Academy.

Since its inception, this organization has taken on historic challenges in times of national emergency, such as the Vargas landslide in 1999, with its “Let’s find them” campaign, in which logistical and technological support was provided to the situation.

Venezuela without Limits works for social transformation and under the concept of “connecting those who need help with those who know how to do it.” The challenge is to continue generating growth opportunities, strategic alliances with great social impact and to strengthen the country’s social capital for many more years.

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