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September 9, 2014

As part of the celebration of International Literacy Day, this Monday, September 8, the Bolivarian Government announced that it had increased by more than 1.8 million the number of people trained and trained within the National Literacy and Technological Training Program between 2006 -2014, which has provided knowledge for the use of office automation tools, web browsing, email and other applications throughout the National Territory.

Technological Literacy represents a fundamental right for all citizens and in Venezuela, since 2002, when, through the publication of Decree No. 825, the process of accessing and using the Internet was initiated as a fundamental policy, in favor of the cultural, economic and social development of the country. In this sense, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have been promoted, which have trained 175,195 people in the course of this last year.

In 2006, the development of the National Technological Literacy Project, today Literacy and Technological Training (Pnaft), was promoted, which is framed in the Science Mission. Likewise, in 2010, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) recognized this plan for the efforts made in reaching the number of 1 million 96 thousand literate people.

This initiative of the Bolivarian Government aims to offer basic training to communities in the use of new technologies, in addition to promoting the use of the computer as a tool that facilitates the development of People’s Power activities.

The technological literacy modules are taught free of charge and guide participants in the use of computers in office automation packages and the Internet, under a Free Software environment. Some of his workshops are Technological Literacy: Introduction to the Use of the Computer; Developing our ideas in a word processor (Writer), Socializing through the Internet, among others.

In addition, the National Literacy and Technological Training Program supports the work of university education centers such as the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, the Maritime University of the Caribbean, the Central University of Venezuela and the Simón Rodríguez University, which represent technological tools for the learning process.

In Venezuela, the infocentres offer training modules together with allied literacy centers such as the Bolivarian Center for Informatics and Telematics (Cbit), Parish Management Center (CGP), Territorial Units, Universities and University Villages.

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