Venezuela is the third largest regional emitter of gas ...

Venezuela is the third largest regional emitter of gas …

April 13, 2015

Latin America has difficulties in establishing its contribution to reducing carbon emissions, which all countries must present this year to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The vicissitudes are linked to national financing mechanisms to solve these voluntary actions, both for adaptation to climate change and for mitigation or reduction of greenhouse gases.

Until March 31, the first deadline for the registration of Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC), only Mexico had fulfilled the task. Of the rest of the world, only Switzerland, the European Union as a bloc, Norway, the United States, Gabon and Russia did so, in that order.

Brazil is the largest regional emitter of gases responsible for global warming, with the annual release into the atmosphere of 1,488 million tons of carbon dioxide, followed by Mexico, with 608 million and Venezuela, with 401 million.

They are followed by Argentina, with 180 million, Colombia with 75 million and Chile with 72 million.

The main causes in the region are deforestation due to changes in land use, agriculture and the generation and use of energy.

via Latin America at a snail’s pace in reducing emissions.

Image: Barnaby Chambers via Shutterstock

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