Venezuela incorporates technology to face crime ...

Venezuela incorporates technology to face crime …

July 8, 2014

Image courtesy of ponsulak / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe Venezuelan authorities reported today the acquisition of the “Identical” computer tool, which will allow the certification of scientific DNA tests to facilitate judicial management.

Directors of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc) indicated that the implementation of the software in the country is part of an agreement with Uruguay.

This allows linking various types of crimes with criminals in different times and spaces, contributing to a more objective criminal investigation, thanks to the analysis of the evidence produced by DNA samples.

This option is essential for the criminal investigation, because in most crimes there is evidence of blood and fluid exchange that allows the aggressor to be identified.

DNA is the main tool for criminal investigation because it allows creating a link between the victim, the perpetrator and the site of the event, offering prosecutors and judges irrefutable evidence at the time of convicting a person or not, they added.

For this reason, the Id̩ntica program Рused in other Latin American and European nations Рwill determine if a criminal is a repeat offender in other crimes, since it is expected to have the genetic profiles of antisocials in a database.

Connections of people who have even incurred vehicle theft will be established, because even if it is not a violent crime, the individual is not exempt from committing a more serious offense, in another area of ​​the country and later years.

via Noticias de Prensa Latina – Venezuela incorporates technology to face crimes.

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