Venezuela: Implementation of free software in the Ba ...

Venezuela: Implementation of free software in the Ba …

July 7, 2014

The Ministry of Popular Power for Science, Technology and Innovation (Mppcti) through the National Center for Information Technologies (CNTI) in conjunction with the National Information Technology Commission (Conati) carried out an awareness on the use and adoption of Free Software addressed to the senior management of the Venezuelan public bank.

The meeting held at the main headquarters of the Bank of Venezuela, located on Avenida Universidad, was conducive to the exchange of ideas and clarification of doubts regarding the adoption of open standards, as well as the forthcoming entry into force of the Infogvernment Law – on August 17, 2014- which seeks to universalize people’s access and appropriation to Free Information Technologies (IT) and to support the simplification of administrative procedures, indicating the exclusive use of Free Software.

Carlos Parra, representative of the Conati

Jhon Monrroy, president of the CNTI, highlighted “the State has a fundamental role in the challenge that is posed to us by the Infogvernment Law and the Public Banking does not escape from that reality. What is proposed is that a productive and not a consumption model be adopted in relation to Free Information Technologies ”.

For his part, Carlos Parra, representative of the Conati, explained that the Law of Infogvernment proposes to give character of public and strategic interest to Information Technologies to have an Electronic Government that mediates the relations between the Constituent State and the Constituent State; that is, the people. “The idea is that they read the Law, know its scope of action and generate debate about the articles it contains. This is, without a doubt, the opportunity to develop the IT industry in Venezuela, guaranteeing Technological Sovereignty ”.

Among the agreements established by the representatives of the Venezuelan Public Bank, the gathering of information concerning an inventory of equipment and software stands out, with a view to a possible Institutional Migration Plan. In addition, it was proposed to hold new meetings to give continuity to the debate on the Infogvernment Law, its approach and implications.

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