Venezuela has a slow internet despite the boom in ...

Venezuela has a slow internet despite the boom in …

July 11, 2014

The journalist and network weaver, Luis Carlos Díaz, pointed out that Venezuela has lagged behind in terms of internet penetration, “the rest of the countries have grown, we have also grown, but not at the same rate; Half the country is not yet connected, but it doesn’t matter, the job is to add them ”.

He expressed concern about speed when sailing. He specified that South Korea, for example, has 53 megabytes of bandwidth on average. With this case, he highlighted that the South Korea of ​​Latin America is Uruguay with 21 megabytes per second of bandwidth.

In this scenario, he said, Venezuela with 2 megabytes of bandwidth is the country with the slowest connection speed on the continent, but contradictorily the one that produces the most content on the internet together with Chile. “We have a slow, expensive internet that reaches few people, but with great production,” he said, based on the increase in digital activism.

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