Venezuela excluded from the country ranking ...

Venezuela excluded from the country ranking …

March 13, 2015

Venezuela does not appear in the list of countries published by the website ranking service.

This ranking executes a search for certain criteria on the web to define the sites with the most visits in the world, while classifying (among other things) the most viewed web pages by country.

The journalist Luis Carlos Díaz reported last Tuesday, March 10, on his Twitter account that Venezuela was no longer on the Alexa list.

El Nacional consulted the company’s technical service via email about this anomaly and responded that, currently, they do not have “enough data on websites in Venezuela to provide a definitive list of the main sites in Venezuela.”

Alexa explained that “as soon as we have enough data for the country, it will automatically be added to the list.”

via Venezuela was left out of the country ranking.

Image © max dallocco via Shutterstock

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