Venezuela and Paraguay are the most corrupt in the Americas ...

Venezuela and Paraguay are the most corrupt in the Americas …

December 3, 2014

The director of Transparency International (Germany), Edda Müller, presented the Index

Transparency International TI’s Corruption Perception Index is considered a benchmark in the fight against economic crime.

The ranking has barely moved in the Latin American region, something “unfortunate, because it shows that the governments, Uruguay and Chile share the 21st position of the global ranking of 175 countries, with 73 points out of a maximum of one hundred, followed by Puerto Rico. 31, 63 points and Costa Rica placed 47, 54 points.

They are followed, although already below the approved one, Cuba placed 63, 46 points, Brazil placed 69, 43 points, El Salvador placed 80, 39 points, Peru placed 85, 38 points, Colombia and Panama both in position 94, 37 points , Bolivia and Mexico both in position 103, 35 points and Argentina position 107, 34 points. Also read: Colombia is half a table in the corruption index among 175 countries.

The Latin American ranking is completed with Ecuador ranked 110, 33 points, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala both ranked 115, 32 points, Honduras ranked 126, 29 points and Nicaragua ranked 133, 28 points, and closed with Paraguay 150, 24 points and Venezuela ranked 161, 19 points.

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