Vehicles with 4G LTE connection open the door to a ...

Vehicles with 4G LTE connection open the door to a …

April 28, 2014

Nokia launches Here Auto as a car mapping platformMobile connectivity in vehicles is already a reality in the US with the work carried out between General Motors and the AT&T operator that have brought 4G LTE connectivity to Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet models.

This achievement makes it possible to bring a variety of entertainment and utility services to the driver that are currently not possible or limited. One benefit is that the vehicle includes a Wi-Fi hotspot without the need to use a mobile device such as a phone to make this possible.

Another attraction is offering entertainment services such as movies on demand to be shown in the back of the vehicle, internet radio with extensive music collections, or news and weather applications.

Now the car also becomes a connected entertainment center, but without the need to have a “smartphone” to enjoy these services.

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