VAIO laptops are back on the market but without Sony

VAIO laptops are back on the market but without Sony

July 1, 2014

The brand of portable PCs has returned in Japan and although they are no longer offered with the Sony logo inscribed, these two new models continue to be sold in the official store of the Japanese company, which only maintains 5 percent in terms of investment . On the dedicated website, although it no longer appears, this morning we could read a message in which the current situation of VAIO was clarified and, obviously, the expectations for the future, now reducing its market to the Japanese borders.

In this message, the company explained that they will have no more than 240 employees, but they explain that the “VAIO DNA” will be maintained, which means, whether or not it is met, that the quality standards set by Sony will remain intact. your moment. And, although previously – and now also – they were computers with a high price, the Japanese company took special care to maintain high quality for its VAIO products.

via VAIO laptops are back on the market, but without Sony.

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