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uTorrent uses your computer’s resources to …

March 7, 2015

The uTorrent program has taken advantage of its users by installing additional software that puts your PC’s RAM to work to generate bitcoins. So the company is profiting by using your computer’s resources without consent.

It is already known that as most P2P (peer-to-peer) platforms could transmit a large number of viruses, however, this would be one of the minor problems. The latest update to the uTorrent program clandestinely installed the ‘Epic Scale’ program, which uses the PC’s RAM to ‘mine’ and get bitcoins.

Far from denying this information revealed by a user, the P2P platform has declared: «We have reviewed the problem carefully and we can confirm that there is no type of silent installation. What’s more, these users accepted it during the installation. ” The representative did not stop there and went on to explain: “Like any other software company, we offer a number of terms and policies during installation, but these are entirely optional.”

Via UTorrent use your computer’s resources to earn bitcoins.

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