Using the mobile while we walk modifies our eq ...

Using the mobile while we walk modifies our eq …

January 27, 2014

People walking with mobileThe study consisted of observing 26 volunteers while they walked. Each person walked at a comfortable pace in a straight line for a distance of approximately eight and a half meters while doing one of three tasks: walking without using the phone, walking reading a text on the smartphone, or walking by writing on it. . The researchers evaluated body movements using a three-dimensional analysis system.

The conclusions were that when walking, chatting and to a lesser extent reading texts, they modified the movements of the body compared to a normal walk, because when the participants were writing they walked more slowly, deviated more from the straight line and moved less the neck as “if they were robots.”

via Using the mobile while walking modifies our balance and makes us move “like robots” – Wayerless.

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