Using radio waves NSA would be able to spy equi ...

Using radio waves NSA would be able to spy equi …

January 16, 2014

Portable USBThe latest news about the NSA is a new revelation that is going to worry us much more than we already were. According to an article published in the New York Times, the NSA would have a network of around 100,000 computers around the world ready to monitor data and launch attacks on other computers.

This is a practice that is not exactly new. The NSA is known to have the option of remotely infecting computers to monitor their activities, and if necessary, infect other connecting machines, thus creating a network of infected computers at the service of the NSA.

The big difference is that according to information from the NTY, the NSA would have developed the necessary secret technology that allows inserting and modifying data on computers even when disconnected. According to the newspaper, this technology would work since 2008, and would be based on the transmission of radio waves through a channel that could be emitted from circuit boards and USB memory sticks.

Via NSA it would be able to access computers even when disconnected – FayerWayer.

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