Use WhatsApp (or any Android app) on your PC ...

Use WhatsApp (or any Android app) on your PC …

April 28, 2014

Use WhatsApp on your PC with Andy OSAndy OS has support for Google Play Store, which makes it possible to download any Android application on the computer, even messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat or Viber. The program allows us to choose which applications are synchronized between the mobile device and the PC, having the same content in each place.

Another utility of the program is that we can use the phone as a remote control for the Android video games that it runs on the PC. One of the advantages offered by the software is that the storage limit of the smartphone is extended, much smaller than that of a PC. The main features of the program are the following:

  • Provides continuous synchronization between desktop and mobile devices.
  • Connect Windows or Mac with Android apps for running, push notifications, and storage.
  • Allows the download of applications from any browser on the PC directly to the program.
  • Bring our mobile communication or entertainment applications to our PC
  • It allows us to use our phone as a controller when we play video games.
  • Camera and microphone integration.

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