US Supreme Court considers the portal illegal ...

US Supreme Court considers the portal illegal …

June 25, 2014

The Supreme Court has just signed what may be the death letter of the Aereo service, considering that this platform dedicated to the distribution of audiovisual content over the Internet does not have the license of the owners of the programs. Therefore, it considers that its business model is illegal. The decision, which was adopted with six votes in favor and three against, thus maintains the status quo for the large television networks.

The case stems from a lawsuit by media groups CBS, NBC Universal, 21st Century Fox and Disney, in which they accused Aereo of violating reproduction rights. To avoid this, the company set up a structure of tiny antennas, which in practice rents to each subscriber. The content they capture is recorded in a data center and from there it is directed to the user’s device.

The networks not only considered that the system is illegal, they also threatened to abandon the broadcast of their programming via antenna and concentrate on the Internet if the highest court did not agree with them.. The large media already have agreements with the large cable and satellite television distributors to structure their programming.

In its defense, Aereo argued that its system emulates what any viewer at home already does when recording a program. The difference, in your case, is that the antenna you use to pick up the signal is installed in a remote location, not on your roof. The Court considers, however, that you are broadcasting content for which you have to pay a license to use it.

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