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UR: the mobile browser that wants to protect you …

July 25, 2017

French startup AdaptiveBee today announced the launch of its browser, focused on online privacy, UR for Android. This release is a great step forward in our vision of developing a browser that protects the privacy of online users. With this release, users will have the ability to enjoy the same features of UR for PC & Mac, on their Android device.

Privacy Kit

Protect your privacy with a set of tools called the Privacy Kit. This tool will help you to have control of who has access to your data.

There are three levels of privacy in the Privacy Kit:

  • High – Recommended for websites where you want to remain as anonymous as possible.
  • Medium: recommended for daily browsing.
  • Low – Recommended for websites that you trust or don’t work properly on the other tiers.

Save your privacy level and the next time you visit the website, it will automatically load at your preferred privacy level.

Ads, Trackers & Cookies Blocked

At the Medium and High Privacy Level, ads, trackers, and cookies are blocked. This protects your privacy, doesn’t allow your information to be shared, and allows websites to load faster.

Ninja mode

At the High Privacy Level, enjoy Ninja Mode which allows you to browse incognito mode. Also, Ninja Mode deletes all your search history.

Alternative Search Engines

In addition to the classics, you can choose from our alternative search engines, the one that best suits your needs. These give you good results, also protect your privacy, support social projects and help plant trees. (Qwant, Lilo, Ecosia).


When trackers, ads, and cookies are blocked, websites require less information. Therefore, websites load faster.

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