Update: Apple denies shutting down Beats M ...

Update: Apple denies shutting down Beats M …

September 22, 2014

Apple sources have commented to Re / Code that the story about the closure of Beats Music is not true. However, it could still be a merger between your different music services.

If Apple has not mentioned any news about Beats Music, it is because everything indicates that it is about to close the streaming application. According to different sources from Apple and Beats Audio to which TechCrunch has had access, the music service associated with the popular brand of headphones has its days numbered.

Beats Audio CEO Ian Rogers was also put in charge of iTunes Radio when Apple bought the company in May this year. In that sense, keeping the two services running does not seem to make much sense, and the most consistent rumors indicate that Apple could integrate the Beats streaming platform within iTunes.

Beats Music didn’t even make an appearance during the Apple Watch presentation.

via Apple could shut down Beats Music.

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