Unveil a US plan to use a ¬ęCuban Twitter ...

Unveil a US plan to use a ¬ęCuban Twitter …

April 3, 2014

USA CUBA TWITTERAn investigation by the Associated Press news agency tells how “millions of dollars” were invested in a social network for Cuba similar to Twitter, called ZunZuneo – active between 2010 and 2012 – as a tool to help destabilize the Cuban regime through the agitation of social discontent, which also captured user data irregularly.

This plan, which sought to add users to this social network and then try to spread ideas contrary to the Cuban government, was funded by the US public development program USAID, an agency that in certain documents mentioned by AP pointed to the importance of social networks for dissident movements in countries like Iran or the Philippines.

via Unveil a US plan to use a ‘Cuban Twitter’ by SMS against the Havana regime | Technology | THE WORLD.

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