Unreleased Sony movies appear on the Internet ...

Unreleased Sony movies appear on the Internet …

December 1, 2014

It was clear that the latest cyberattack that Sony Pictures, the film division of the Japanese technology giant, has been the victim of, was going to bring a tail. Since we learned about him a week ago, the subject has not stopped talking, and that is necessary to add that in the last hours several films from the studio have begun to circulate through the P2P download sites, not yet released, which were probably stolen during the mental attack.

As expected, there is no official confirmation of such a thing, but it is what several clues are pointing to. For example, at the time those responsible for the attack claimed that they had managed to steal relevant material from Sony Pictures (and this undoubtedly is), they also threatened to release part of it, and it must also be added that three of the four films leaked are still nor have they been released, that their files are of good quality, and that they all appeared online almost simultaneously.

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