Ukraine is a victim of cyberattacks from territory ...

Ukraine is a victim of cyberattacks from territory …

March 4, 2014

Ukraine is the victim of cyberattacks from Russian-occupied territoryThis is the latest movement in the crisis in Ukraine in which Russia has decided to fully intervene by putting half the world on alert. The head of the Ukrainian national security service (SBU), Valentyn Nalivaichenko, has assured Reuters that the country’s telecommunications system is suffering cyberattacks launched with equipment located in Crimea, a territory now occupied and controlled by Russia.

The attacks are being launched to intercept the mobiles of members of the Ukrainian parliament.

Nalivaichenko assures that they are working to restore the lines, but that the “security of the state systems was not prepared for such a violation of the law.”

via Ukraine, victim of cyberattacks from Russian occupied territory.

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