UCAB School of Education launches platform e ...

UCAB School of Education launches platform e …

October 29, 2020

In response to the shortage of teachers in the country and the confinement conditions in which the school year takes place due to the pandemic, the UCAB School of Education launched EdUCAB TV – Mathematics, an online training platform that will provide support pedagogical in this matter to high school students and teachers from any part of the country.

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Through the initiative, which began to function officially on Tuesday, October 27, UCAB professors will give virtual classes, at the rate of three weekly work sessions, in which the essential contents of the mathematics program that the Ministry of Education will be discussed. Education established for the first years of high school. In this sense, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., work sessions will be held through the Zoom platform, to which young people in the first, second and third years of secondary education, respectively, will have free access to reinforce their knowledge. Teachers who so wish may also join the sessions.

José Javier Salas, coordinator of Educational Projects of the School of Education:

He explained that the objective of EdUCAB TV-Matemáticas is “to transmit quality didactic and pedagogical content for the educational community nationwide.” The teacher commented that what will be sought in the live sessions will be to simulate the interaction generated in the classroom and solve any doubts that students or teachers may have about the content.

“The classes are aimed at students of the level, with whom we hope to demonstrate the variety of alternatives to take advantage of synchronous encounters and promote remote learning. It is much more than a one-way seminar. Each work session is based on the best use of ICT for a synchronous and productive exchange on the platform »Salas said.

To access the classes, those interested must register through the link https://forms.gle/2eNLLQB2WKmsGTxYA and comply with the following provisions:

1) Connect five minutes before starting 2) Access the Zoom at the established time 3) Keep your microphone and camera off 4) Maintain a respectful attitude during the session 5) Be prepared to participate enthusiastically in the session The pedagogical meetings will be broadcast on the YouTube channel UCAB Caracas School of Education, for those who cannot access the videoconference platform, as there are only 150 places available. They will also be permanently hung on the channel.

Those who wish to consult the content can do so by clicking on this link: https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCch_JUm0zjqKqR0G0jUboWg

The EdUCAB TV-Mathematics project is another of the contributions that the UCAB School of Education is making, in order to contribute to improving the quality of Venezuelan basic and secondary education, whose deterioration has been accentuated in recent years. years and whose crisis was in evidence during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The School created in October 2019 the Online Knowledge Assessment System (SECEL), diagnostic tests that measure the learning achieved by high school students in four areas of knowledge: verbal ability and reading comprehension, mathematics, social sciences and natural sciences. and biology. Consolidating the results obtained by the young people who took the tests in the first months of their application revealed “serious” flaws in all areas.

For example, in the case of Mathematics, the average achieved by first-year students was 12.78 points out of 20, while in the fifth year the average grade reached 5.89 out of 20, which shows a progressive deterioration in learning of numerical content as you progress through high school. Those interested in obtaining more information about this and other initiatives of the UCAB School of Education can follow @EducacionUCAB on Twitter and Instagram.

Source: The School of Education launched EdUCAB TV, an online platform to teach mathematics – elucabista.com

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