Two Venezuelans were selected as Ambassador ...

Two Venezuelans were selected as Ambassador …

August 21, 2014

The Internet Society (ISOC) selected, as Ambassadors to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), two members of the Leaders of the Next Generation Program: “Shaping the Internet – History and Future” to represent Venezuela in the world event with the largest impact on the Internet universe. The event will be held in Istanbul between September 2 and 5 and Venezuelans will fulfill a pre-event agenda that begins on August 30.

For the IGF 2014, ISOC opted, in Venezuela, for a profile of Ambassadors with communication expertise. In the last three editions, members of the technical community, NGO leaders and members of government entities related to the Internet Ecosystem were invited. This year, those selected were the professor, international consultant and researcher Ysabel Briceño (Magister in Political Sciences and Doctor in Human Sciences), from the Universidad de los Andes and Iván R. Méndez, director of, specialist in the dissemination of new technologies and co-author of the book “10 years of digital journalism in Venezuela”. Venezuelans will join the group of 12 ambassadors (see the entire group: from Russia, Costa Rica, India, Brazil, Malawi, Nigeria, Turkey, Nepal and Egypt .

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