Twitter will improve its policies after harassment that …

August 14, 2014

Twitter has communicated a profound review of its policies after the daughter of Robin Williams has decided to leave both this social network and Instagram for a long time. The reason is that she has been the target of several abusive comments against her following the death of her father.

The reviews referred to by Twitter focus, above all, on expanding policies involving self-harm and private information and improving support for family members of deceased people. In addition, in this particular case, the social network has already suspended users related to this particular case for violating its rules.

Two users in particular were the ones who tormented Zelda Williams

In the information shared by the Washington Post, however, it is said that this incident is only a small fraction of what actually happens on Twitter in relation to cyberbullying and “verbal rape.” Something that is more common than we would like.

via Twitter will improve its policies to protect users.

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