Twitter supersedes Facebook among teens

Twitter supersedes Facebook among teens

May 2, 2014

twitter-facebook-appFacebook may be the largest social network on the planet with a billion users, but Twitter is outpacing it in every way. According to new research, Twitter is attracting more and more young users, RT’s website reported.

Teens are leaving the largest social networks due to concerns about the privacy of messages, reports the MarketWatch portal. But according to experts, Twitter attracts more young users than its main rival, Facebook.

A global survey of more than 40,000 Internet users carried out by the British research firm GlobalWebIndex indicates that the percentage of active teenagers on Facebook fell by 9%, but fell by only 3% on Twitter. Twitter is also the social network preferred by 27% of adolescents compared to 23% for Facebook.

via Twitter the preferred social network for teenagers.

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