Twitter rejects technology company agreement with ...

Twitter rejects technology company agreement with …

February 6, 2014

Twitter published a strong criticism of the agreement reached by the Barack Obama administration and technology companies, which allows companies to publish in general numbers the information requirements that companies have received from the NSA.

“Allowing Twitter, or any other similar company, to disclose only national security requirements in an extra wide range seriously damages the goal of transparency,” says the firm’s policy manager, Jeremy Kessel.

The company indicates that by putting so many limits on talking about national security, the government is preventing companies from gaining the trust of users, since they cannot assure that the authorities actually ask for little information. For Twitter, it should be allowed to reveal not only how many accounts are requested for data, but also whether or not they have received certain types of requests.

via Twitter rejects the agreement of technology companies by the NSA – FayerWayer.

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