Twitter and Zello assure that censorship in Venezuela ...

Twitter and Zello assure that censorship in Venezuela …

February 25, 2014

twitter censorshipThe convulsive situation that Venezuela is experiencing in recent weeks seems to have already had its first consequences on freedom of expression on the Internet: those responsible for applications such as Twitter and Zello affirm that their services have been blocked in the Caribbean country.

Last Friday, Twitter sent a message to its users in Venezuela, in which it indicated how they could send and receive updates through their mobile phones. Some Cuban dissidents, for example, like Yoani Sánchez, claim that they tweet via SMS. It appears that the 140-character social network service was working properly on Friday, but some users still reported difficulties receiving images.

For his part, Bill Moore, the head of the Zello company, based in the Texas city of Austin, has assured that CANTV, the state Internet service provider in Venezuela, blocked the IPs of its service in that country last Thursday. Zello is an application that emulates, through the mobile phone, communications via walkie-talkie, and that many opponents of the Venezuelan government were using.

via Twitter and Zello assure that Venezuelan censorship has already reached their platforms | TICbeat.

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