«Tweet» is already in the 23rd edition of the Diccionari …

October 15, 2014

The publication of the twenty-third edition of the Dictionary of the Spanish language, initially scheduled for October 21, is brought forward a few days and will arrive in bookstores on October 16, 2014, both in Spain and in the Spanish-speaking countries of America.

The institutional presentation session will be held on October 17, in a solemn act presided over by King Felipe and Queen Letizia at the academic headquarters.

This new pan-Hispanic work, which constitutes the most outstanding milestone of the commemorations of the III Centenary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), is the result of the collaboration of the twenty-two corporations integrated in the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language (ASALE).

The number of articles in the 23rd edition will amount to 93,111, compared to the 88,431 included in the previous one and more than double those that appeared in the first dictionary of use of the RAE, published in 1780. In total, the Dictionary will collect 195,439 meanings, including about 19,000 Americanisms.

The amendments introduced in this twenty-third edition total about 140,000, affecting a total of 49,000 articles. Article deletions will be approximately 1,350.

via Publication of the 23rd edition of the DRAE is brought forward to October 16 | Royal Spanish Academy.

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