Turkey wants to "get off" the Internet: Their addresses ...

Turkey wants to “get off” the Internet: Their addresses …

April 22, 2014

Turkey is spying on users disguised as Google's DNSThe control that the Turkish government of Tayip Erdogan wants to establish over the Internet communications of its citizens could reach extremes that until now were typical of dictatorships such as North Korea. Despite the sentences of different courts, the blockade of social networks and websites such as YouTube continues and they would be studying leaving the global communications network.

Access to web pages in accordance with the www system can go down in history in a country that aspires to access the European Union. Turkey wants to abandon the Internet and develop its own national network in which addresses are summarized by ttt instead of www.

via Turkey wants to “get out” of the Internet: its addresses will change www to ttt | The Inquirer ES.

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