Trust your doctor and not Wikipedia

Trust your doctor and not Wikipedia

June 5, 2014

medicine + technologyDon’t substitute a visit to your doctor for an online consultation. The popular ‘online’ library Wikipedia presents errors in nine out of 10 articles related to health, so if you have any doubts, do not trust this information to the letter, better take it with caution. This is warned by a study just published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

According to a team made up of 10 scientists, the errors have to do with aspects as common as cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, depression, diabetes, back problems, asthma, osteoarthritis … After analyzing articles related to these pathologies and comparing them with the In the medical literature, they observed that in 90% of the cases, statements contrary to the official indications were included.

via Trust your doctor, not wikipedia | Health | THE WORLD.

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