Toyota of Venezuela presents new Corolla 2015

Toyota of Venezuela presents new Corolla 2015

February 20, 2015

Assembled in the Toyota plant in Cumaná, with an investment of 30 million dollars, the seventh generation of Corolla is the extraordinary result of the perseverance, preparation, individual effort and teamwork of thousands of men and women that make up the workforce of this company.

More than 70 workers from the Plant traveled to countries such as Japan, Brazil and Thailand, where they received training in various processes related to the assembly of the Corolla 2015 and, in parallel, from these countries they sent 60 instructors who offered instruction and training to the personnel of Plant. In this way, the exchange of information and the training of workers in key processes was ensured.

Frontal Corolla

On the other hand, Toyota de Venezuela, aware of its role as a generator of change and progress, worked in synergy with national suppliers in order to develop more than 150 parts and parts produced locally. In each unit produced, the stamped floors, the interior trim of the vehicle, certain plastic parts, the air conditioning equipment, the shock absorbers and the coil springs, among others, are being incorporated, which allows us to affirm that the new Corolla 2015 is the model with greater content of local pieces in the country.

“This launch of a new Corolla model is truly significant for everyone at Toyota of Venezuela, as it represents our commitment as a company, with our consumers and the country. For us, it is an honor and a privilege to have worked together with local suppliers in the joint development of many of the parts that today make up the units of this seventh generation of Corolla. Toyota de Venezuela hopes to continue producing vehicles that, like the 2015 Corolla, respond to and satisfy the increasingly stringent demands of our customers.

The new Corolla manages to combine, in an impeccable way, the performance, performance, comfort, safety and cutting-edge technology that identify Toyota vehicles. With unique styling that defies convention, the 2015 Corolla is dynamic and modern, with a sleek, cutting-edge design. Larger, its exterior has pronounced cut lines on the sides – which offer greater stability – and aerodynamic elements that reduce wind friction and reduce external noise. In its more spacious cabin, the play of light and dark allows greater freshness while highlighting the personality and character of the vehicle.

Rear CorollaThis Edition will be available in two versions, GLi and XEi, both with an inline 4-cylinder engine, 2.0 L and double VVT-i, which give it more power and better torque, more space in the suitcase and three airbags. for greater driver and passenger safety. Additionally, it has a Gasoline – Natural Gas dual fuel system, Toyota’s own and the only one assembled in the country.

The Corolla GLi, the most luxurious and equipped version, includes automatic air conditioning, leather upholstery, LED headlights, folding seats, backup camera, roof console, touch screen radio, iPod dock, cell phone , USB, DVD and Bluetooth, light sensor for automatic headlights and audio controls on the steering wheel, among other details. For its part, the Corolla XEi, has glass and electric locks, air conditioning, upholstery with luxury fabric, aluminum wheels and other details.

Prices according to the official website of Toyota of Venezuela:

Corolla XEi 1.8, automatic transmission Bs. 1,456,877.84, synchronous transmission Bs. 1,387,004.79

Corolla GLi 1.8, automatic transmission Bs. 1,623,394.51, synchronous transmission Bs. 1,546,278.68

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