Toshiba Introduces 7-in-1 Computer [Fotos+O.o]

Toshiba Introduces 7-in-1 Computer [Fotos+O.o]

May 22, 2014

If we want to find out what those seven different operating modes are in the Toshiba Dynabook KIRA L93, we have to take into account that in addition to the touch screen, and the keyboard, there is also a base that joins the latter.

Toshiba KIRABOOK L93 0

Playing with the three elements the following combinations come out:

  1. Mode Notebook, that is, use it as a laptop.
  2. What Tablet, we remove the keyboard and we are left with only the screen.
  3. Mode DesktopIn it, the screen is separated from the keyboard like a monitor, and remains standing thanks to the base.
  4. Canvas, or place the screen with the base at 30 degrees on the table, so that you can write or draw on it.
  5. Mode Booth, like the Desktop, but we forgot the keyboard and used the touch screen as a method of input and control of data.
  6. Mode FlatWith the keyboard included, we can put the set completely flat on the table.
  7. Mode Tent, on this occasion the support is made with the keyboard, remaining on the table as an inverted V. Interaction is done with the touch screen.


via Toshiba KIRABOOK L93, the 7-in-1 computer.

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