To the rhythm of samba and football Visa launches application to ...

To the rhythm of samba and football Visa launches application to …

June 25, 2014

Visa, Banco do Brasil and Oi announced the launch of a simple and novel solution that promises to change the way users make payments and manage their money, by allowing them to check their account balance and history in real time. This innovative contactless payment technology allows users to select the Ourocard Visa application on their smartphone, bring the phone closer to a payment terminal and make a purchase. It is that easy. More than 1.4 million merchants throughout Brazil already accept contactless payments through this and other modalities.

This type of transaction is possible thanks to the new Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows smartphones to send payment data to a point of sale terminal in a secure way. The users selected to test the system will be able to make payments by simply opening the Ourocard Visa Banco do Brasil application and bringing the phone closer to the terminal. The application will be available first to a limited number of cardholders and then to all bank customers.

“The widespread adoption of the Internet and mobile technology is transforming the way people buy, make and receive payments around the world,” says Percival Jatobá, VP of Products, Visa Inc. Brazil. “By engaging with soccer fans through this themed app, Visa can demonstrate the ease, security and convenience that mobile payment technology offers to consumers and merchants wherever they are.”

“Banco do Brasil has a well-defined strategy when it comes to offering payment options to our clients. The contactless payment solution is in tune with our goal of providing an easy, safe and fast way to pay, especially for small purchases, which in Brazil are usually made in cash ”, explained Raul Moreira, card manager at Banco do Brasil . “We recently launched our Visa Ourocard contactless payment card and now our customers can use the same technology on their mobile devices.”

Moreira explained that the alliance with Visa and Oi is a very important step that contributes to expanding the repertoire of innovative solutions that were first implemented by Banco do Brasil a few years ago for its Visa cardholders. These include mobile banking services, transaction alert messages and, recently, the launch of prepaid solutions tied to mobile devices.

“This is a great opportunity to demonstrate that mobile phones with NFC technology can be used to pay simply, safely and quickly, wherever you are,” said Roberto Guenzburger, director of mobile products at Oi. “This initiative allows Oi to strengthen its position in the mobile payments market with a stronger product portfolio, which now includes Oi Wallet, Oi’s credit card, available both in the traditional plastic format and through mobile phones. ”.

About the app

The application includes an image of the Visa Ourocard credit card with a football design currently used by Banco do Brasil and Oi clients. The card data is stored on an Oi chip, which is inserted into a smartphone compatible with NFC technology, with the same level of security as chip card payments. To make a purchase from the application, the customer must select “digital wallet” and then the option “pay”, enter a password and bring the phone to the payment terminal.

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