Tizen needs to grow up or as long as he's coming, let's go ...

Tizen needs to grow up or as long as he’s coming, let’s go …

January 28, 2014

Tizen needs to mature

For quite some time the rumors and hopes about Tizen have been nothing but to be desired. And, while the operating system has already received support from several companies, the question is whether it is really worth putting Tizen in today’s market.

In the first instance, let’s start from the basis that there is only one official product with this software. It is present in a tablet only, while its departure to smartphones was canceled. Is this a clue? It seems that it is.

Although screenshots of the interface of this operating system have already been shown (while some can be made with the tablet mentioned above) something fundamental is missing in this field. We are referring to applications at a general level. Not only in smartphones and tablets – an aspect that should be the basic and fundamental one – but in the rest of the devices in which it could be implemented.

via Tizen Needs to Grow Up – Wayerless.

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