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Tips to protect children on the Internet

February 24, 2014

protect children internetDoes your child have a tablet? A computer of your own? A mobile with Internet access? Probably yes. The times when you could control the content that children received through television or books are long gone. Not only is the computer an inexhaustible source of information, but your own mobile phone can be a door to thousands of pages with inappropriate content.

Cybercriminals, stalkers, data theft, bulling … are some of the threats that the little ones have to face. However, this does not mean that we should prohibit or separate minors from new technologies.

Tips to protect children on the Internet

1. The mobile or tablet is not a toy.

It is normal for them to use their own device to play or access certain children’s applications, but they must be taught to use it in moderation and enhancing its more functional and pedagogical aspect.

two. What app is this?

Control the apps that your children have installed. It is important to know what functionalities these apps have and how you use each one of them

3. Where did you find this game?

Check the reliability of the installed apps. A simple game downloaded from a dangerous website can be the gateway for cybercriminals. Control your location, your data and personal information or the subscription to a Premium SMS service, are some of the functionalities that can be installed from a malicious app. To do this, always install an antivirus for mobile phones or tablets.

Four. do not talk to strangers

Make them see the risks involved in providing data or contacting strangers. As in real life, they distrust strangers, they should also do so of any person who through applications such as WhatsApp tries to establish a relationship with them. Anonymity on the Internet is even more dangerous than in real life.

5. How does my child act on social media?

Photographs in class, bad-sounding comments … many actions of children on social networks can have consequences. The shame of having your parents as friends on Facebook or Tuenti, makes this task difficult. The solution is to work on trust to gain access to this information with the consent of the minor, and to correctly configure the privacy options.

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