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Tips for getting the most out of Siri

December 28, 2017

Virtual assistants are becoming one of the best digital aids for all users who own an electronic device. Many of the users who have different mobiles and devices do not know the most important benefits of these tools, where, for example, we can set an alarm or event without having to write a single word.

If you are short of time and need a tool on your iPhone that allows you to access settings, schedule events, make a call, or access a website, with Siri you can do it. Here are 5 of the best things you can do thanks to it.

Schedule events in the simplest way: At the end of the day, the least we want is to touch the device to set an alarm or event that will take place the next day or in the next few days. With Siri, just press a button and say set an alarm for 7 AM; And so in this way, you will have your alarm set. Whereas for reminders, you can say a command related to remind me that I have a meeting at work at 4 PM, or something like remind me to go to the mall at 7 PM.

Send messages through various instant messaging apps: Before iOS 10, this was a feature that was only available for the iMessage app. But now, we can all enjoy sending messages with Siri on tools like WhatsApp and Telegram. To do this, you can say the following: Siri, send a message to “contact name” by WhatsApp + “message content”. It is recommended not to use conjunctions before issuing the text of the message, as this prevents the smart assistant from taking that word as part of the content.

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