Tips for detecting anti-malware applications f ...

Tips for detecting anti-malware applications f …

May 19, 2014

Tips for Spotting Fake Antimalware Applications - Security

The security firm Kaspersky offers some simple tips that we should follow, such as checking if the application page looks official, with high-resolution images and details of the product and the company, whose names must be spelled correctly.

In addition, it is convenient to contrast the information by going to the provider’s website and see if there is a section for the sale of that product. In that case, if we are not sure, there is always the option to buy it through the links on the company’s page.

If we have already bought before detecting the fake app, the remaining option is to contact the app store and ask that they can refund the money.

via Tips to Spot Fake Antimalware | SAFETY | PCWorld.

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