Time to stretch out with Finn and Jake

Time to stretch out with Finn and Jake

September 23, 2014

In the Land of Ooo the adventures never end… They just change shape! Like Jake the dog, who turns into a snake to complete an exciting challenge in this new Cartoon Network game, developed entirely in Latin America.

Cartoon Network continues to expand its multiplatform entertainment network with the launch of a new application for mobile devices: TIME TO STRETCH with Finn and Jake, a game inspired by the popular show ADVENTURE TIME.

TIME TO STRETCH with Finn and Jake, based on the game of the same name available on the Cartoon Network website, was developed entirely in Latin America in collaboration with the Argentine studio Heavy Boat, and is available from September 18 for iOS and Android systems.

“TIME TO STRETCH with Finn and Jake is an excellent example of the collaboration between Cartoon Network and video game studios in the region and is coming to mobile platforms after the success of its web version. The Cartoon Network site is a great testing ground that allows us the possibility of turning a successful game into a mobile product that users can enjoy from any device ”, said Lionel Zajdweber, Digital Media Manager of Cartoon Network Latin America

How do you play?

Departing from the Grasslands, Finn and Jake will travel through many familiar landscapes of Ooo, through more than 70 levels. Jake must eat all the apples and collect the treasures that he finds in his path, while his inseparable friend guides him until he reaches the goal, on his back. Finn and Jake must obtain the three keys that open the doors of each Kingdom to proceed to the next stage, but be careful: with each bite, Jake will become longer and difficult to control.

Who can play it?

TIME TO STRETCH with Finn and Jake is a game designed for children from 9 years old, but for its entertaining proposal and the possibility of entering the Land of Ooo with the characters of Adventure Time – the favorite animated series of young and old – the game appeals to all audiences.

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