Tim Cook: "I'm proud to be gay"

Tim Cook: “I’m proud to be gay”

October 30, 2014

Tim Cook has published an extensive article in Bloomberg Businessweek in which, for the first time, he publicly acknowledges his sexual orientation. “Although I have never denied my sexuality, I have not publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So I’ll be clear: I’m proud to be gay, ”says Cook. High Five.

In his editorial, Cook explains that he has never wanted to attract attention. «My roots are humble, I don’t seek attention. Apple is already one of the most scrutinized companies in the world, and I like to stay focused on our products, ”he explains. However, he also points out that the same question has been asked many times: “What are you doing for others?” “I have realized that my desire for personal privacy has kept me from doing something very important. Until today”.

You can read Cook’s full editorial here. You will also find a video from Bloomberg with more context on Cook’s announcement.

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