This woman is actually a prototype social robot ...

This woman is actually a prototype social robot …

October 8, 2014

The Toshiba robot has the appearance of a friendly young woman with expressions accentuated by blinking eyes and a warm smile. For now, the android can imitate only simple movements, such as the exchange of greetings in Japanese, however, Toshiba will integrate technologies from various areas such as sensitivity, articulation and voice recognition, to develop a more sophisticated social robot in the year 2020 .

The goal is to design a companion for the elderly or mentally challenged, to help them communicate using sign language, and to allow doctors and family members to care for them.

Toshiba wants to use the android for practical activities next year as a receptionist or assistant at exhibitions.

Robots are expected to have wide use in many fields, including social care, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, services, and entertainment.

via Toshiba Unveils Social Robot Prototype Announced for 2020 | TI newspaper.

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