This USB charger carries a Linux computer of ...

This USB charger carries a Linux computer of …

March 21, 2015

If Raspberry-type microcomputers have shown us something, it is that we can have a complete PC in a very small device. We have seen all kinds of formats, but Chris Robinson’s latest creation is equally useful and curious. He has managed to put a Linux PC in a USB charger like the one you use to recharge your mobile battery.

To carry it out, an ODROID-W board, compatible with Raspberry Pi, has been taken and Chris has managed to install it in a USB charger with Raspbian OS as the operating system. Best of all, we can, with a bit of skill of course, make our own microcomputer at home.

Assembling it has a cost of about 50 euros and Robinson explains step by step how to modify the charger (it is a specific model) so that we can modify the electrical system, install the plate, and a microSD card where in addition to storing data we can install our own operating system.

via This USB charger carries a computer with Linux inside and you can mount it at home.

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