This software will warn us when we are distracted

This software will warn us when we are distracted

July 6, 2014

One of the most frequent problems at work is getting distracted when we are doing a task. Look the other way, start doing something else … There is a study that indicates that we normally lose attention between 20 and 40%, which leads to poor performance, poor memory or poor reading comprehension.

Sidney D’Mello and Robert Bixler, both from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, have decided to end these productivity problems at work by creating software that is capable of knowing whether we are focused or not. If not, it will notify us so that we can return to what we are doing.

For this software to work, a camera is used to follow the trajectory of the eyes. He is able to learn what our routine is when we are working and the movements we make with our eyes from one side to the other to finish a task. Based on this, it creates a pattern to know how we work and if we get out of it it will notify us.

via Are you distracted at work? This software will notify us when we are clueless.

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