This is the "fastest" bicycle in the world that it is ...

This is the “fastest” bicycle in the world that it is …

June 24, 2015

The bike’s name is Venge ViAS, and it’s the latest Specialized S-Works department has pulled out of the oven.

Venge is a bike frame that has long been recognized professionally and on the road, but here it has been completely redesigned to look nothing like the previous model, which was already spectacular.

As can be seen in the images, there are no cables anywhere, brakes and gears – Shimano DI2, electronic – are integrated into the carbon frame of the new Specialized, which weighs just over 1.1 kilograms. In the design many details attract attention, I prefer the appearance of the handlebar, the forcefulness of the head tube.

But we are not only talking about a bike, we are facing an ecosystem of products, and that is that Specialized’s idea is to present the bike as a set of elements that are released with it: tires, rims, helmet, clothing and shoes. In the end, it is a way of knowing how to sell well, but it is also true that each of these elements adds up and is at a higher level in each category.

What is gained with each one in those 40 kilometers? Well, it is something that can create debate, there are too many conditions, but in a comparable situation, this is what Specialized says:

  • The bike and the Roval CLX 64 wheels – carbon – will gain 120 seconds on the clock if we compare them with a Tarmac SL4, which accompanies Contador on the road.
  • S-Works Turbo tires scratch another 35 seconds compared to a 23mm Continental GP4000SII. The wheel and tire set is priced at $ 2,800.
  • Until the helmet remains time, a new S-Works Evade helmet would win 46 seconds to an S-works Prevail or a Giro Synthe.
  • The clothes also have to say something about it, with the new S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit – jersey and tights -, 96 seconds would be gained.
  • Finally we have the shoes, some S-Works Sub6, that scratch 35 seconds.

The complete set is going to the 13,600 dollars.

Source: This is the world’s “fastest” bicycle that will make its debut at the Tour de France

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