This is Puls the Weareable from

This is Puls the Weareable from

October 16, 2014

Its development has taken about 2 years and 35 engineers to achieve a user experience at the level required by

A wearable that does not depend on a smartphone to function The final version will have 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, GSM and 3G networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, pedometer and accelerometer. At the moment its autonomy is unknown, but the development team has explained that the battery has been integrated into the strap – next to the speaker – to increase its capacity by having more space to put more battery. In practice, it seems that if you exceed a day of continuous use, you will have already beaten your competitors.

There are other cool things in this wearable from Among them, an emotion detector stands out that changes the color of the interface and depending on the user’s mood.

via Puls, this is’s Weareable.

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