This is how the mobiles of the famous

This is how the mobiles of the famous

September 2, 2014

During this weekend hundreds of images of nude celebrities were leaked. Now, as reported by “The Next Web”, part of the blame for the leak has been a bug in iCloud and a vulnerability in “Find My Phone.”

A Pyton scrip (a type of publishing language) appeared on Github and “apparently maliciously allowed users to use ‘brute force’ to obtain an account’s iCloud password,” they said.

This “script” used a vulnerability in Find My Phone, the application that allows you to locate your mobile phone remotely, which repeatedly guesses passwords until it finds the correct one. Typically, when an iCloud account detects two visitors, it is locked. But the Find My Phone vulnerability could have given carte blanche. In theory, the “bug” in the API of the application allowed the whole process.

via A failure in iCloud could cause the leakage of photos of nude celebrities –

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